Benefits of becoming a host employer

International Occupational Training Candidates offer a rewarding and mutually beneficial experience for any company.  Candidates bring not only their skills and qualifications, but also their enthusiasm, new ideas and language ability and international experience. Our students are looking for positions in hospitality and aged-care through to welding and administration, right across Australia.

Candidates are suitable for all sizes of company, from micro and small, to medium and large. The demand for Occupational Trainees is growing and companies are finding the services offered by IFS a perfect solution.


How the programme works

  1. You will receive one or a selection of resumes.
  2. If you are interested, IFS will organise an interview for you to meet the potential candidates
  3. If you think that the candidate is suitable, you may offer the candidate an occupational trainee position within your organisation
  4. IFS Monitors the placement and is on hand to answer any questions and provide more specific training under the training plan